Couples Therapy

Do feel disconnected and lonely in your relationship? Feel like you are not the most important person for your partner anymore? Feel a lack of affection in the relationship?

We are here to help you feel the love again. Let us help you to reconnect.

Humans are born to love. The need for emotional attachment is wired into our genes and in our bodies. Love was, in fact, a pinnacle of evolution – an important and necessary survival mechanism. Love provides emotional protection so we can cope with the inevitable roller coasters of existence. Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) is a structured approach to couples’ therapy formulated in the 1980s. It has expanded our understanding of the dynamics in couples’ relationships and helps guide therapists in working with couples and families.

A substantial body of research confirms the effectiveness of EFT. Certain studies have found that 70-75% of couples move from distress to recovery and approximately 90% show significant improvements after undergoing EFT.

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